If your city has hosted the so-called Winter Olympics, there is an excellent chance that the tournament has left a mark behind; and by “mark” we mean world-class facilities that augur well for tourists and athletes, especially those who love luge. Those who know a thing or two about this sport will tell you that it involves going down a big twisting ice tube, feet first, on a sled. You will need to wear a skintight suit and a helmet for protection. You will also need a pair of shoes that can cut through the ice.

Although luge is a fun sport, no master of this sport, in his sanity, will advise you to go through the ice tube at the speed of say, 200 miles per hour, if you’re a newbie. In fact, some will advise you to try the less riskier version of this sport first before attempting to bite the bullet- skeleton could be a better option to begin with. Skeleton is basically the same as luge, save for the fact that you have to slide down the tube headfirst. However, the risky part of it does not, in any way, mean that you should not play luge. Many people do it, and yes, you can.