Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the oldest outdoor activities that are still fashionable today. We look at how the sport can benefit your children as shown below:

Wholesome Fun

In this digital era, it is very common for kids to spend the bulk of their time indoors, glued on computer games or TV shows. Although this may have some benefits, its disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages. Now, horseback riding is one of the best ways your children can spend their free time and avoid these indoor stationary activities. Through horseback riding, your children will be able to meet and make friends out there, connect to nature, and stay active. As a bonus, horseback riding could be a lifelong hobby that your child will leave to treasure even in their adulthood.

Boosts Confidence

Imagine how daunting it can be partnering with an animal that is twice or thrice your size. Horse riding, especially for starters, can be as daunting. However, your child will learn to establish a good relationship (call it chemistry if you like) with the animal. This gies them confidence that they can control and tackle anything in life. They know when to command the horse to run, walk, stop, and start. It is a good feeling to be in control of such a huge creature.

Health Beneficial

Although you may think that the horse does all the work, horseback riding, in real sense, is a great way to get your children active. During the ride, your child’s body muscles (pelvic, inner thigh, and core muscles) play a role in maintaining balance on the back of the horse. This tones the muscles, besides improving your child’s flexibility.