Kayaking is a water sport in which you use a kayak (a type of small boat) and a double-bladed oar to paddle. The fact that it involves water makes it perfect for summer. Kayaks come in different types, depending on the specific purpose it is meant for. Generally, however, these boats have an enclosed deck for covering legs. A kayak typically accommodates one paddler, but there are those kayaks meant for two (tandem kayaks) or three paddlers.

Kayaking is versatile in nature; you can paddle in virtually any water body, and the sport can be paired with other sports, including fishing and camping. Each type of kayak is designed to withstand a specific condition. For instance, while some kayaks are built to be used on white water, others are designed to be used for racing. Kayaking can be done in rivers, surf zones, lakes, or oceans.

The sport is beginner-friendly. Whether you’re looking for a low-impact workout or you’re just after fun, kayaking offers all these. If it is your first time to paddle, it is advisable to rent equipment. You will need a paddle, a kayak, and possibly, a life jacket. Other supplies may be necessary if the sport is paired with camping or fishing.

Kayaking is easy to learn, meaning that you will have fun on your first day, but the sport has the potential to challenge even the most experienced paddlers, which makes it even more fun. For experts, options like entering races and tacking white water are a great way to leverage the sport.