Safe Outdoor Sports for Unsupervised Kids

Back in the day, after school, kids would change into comfortable sweats and run outside to play until it was dark. But the world has changed; kids don’t go out to play that much anymore. All they do is sit down in front of the television, play video games, and spend hours browsing on their phones. Below are safe outdoor sports parent should encourage their kids to participate in.


You need to provide them with a softball, soft bat, soft gloves, and bases. You can also give them knee pads for extra protection. They don’t need any supervision as long as they know how to play the game and its rules. Children who play softball show signs of physical strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination.


This is a popular activity in most parts of the world. Football is a great sport for many kids who lose their attention quickly and get bored easily when playing other games. As long as they are a part of a team, they don’t require any supervision. The game enhances self-esteem, discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills in children.

Fast Walking

It may sound boring, but walking has several physical benefits to the kids’ bodies, starting from coordination, weight loss, weight control, and leg strength. You can first walk with the kids, show them how to do it, and follow safe paths for their safety. After that, you can always let them do it without your supervision and guidance.


All you need to do is install a basketball hoop in your backyard and clear out the area to ensure it will be a safe kids’ play space. Also, ensure to provide them with a basketball and knee pads, and you can be sure that they will be safe even when unsupervised.