Simple Outdoor Sports You Can Adopt as Hobbies

The modern world- and 2020 in particular- is continuously leaning towards indoor existence. Work-from-home models are gaining popularity both for efficiency and as a health precaution in times of COVID-19. Online shopping and delivery mean people can stay in for weeks. The replacement of physical games with video games means kids can get all the entertainment they need without going outside.

That said, a lot of these trends are detrimental to people’s health. To avoid these health demerits, it is important to adopt one or several outdoor sports. These can be practised as just hobbies, but you cannot rule out the possibility of them turning into professional undertakings. Here are a few easy ones you can start in your neighbourhood:


Running is arguably one of the easiest outdoor sports to start and maintain. All you need to get started is a pair of running shoes, shorts and a running shirt. You can run around your apartment block or along running trails at any time of your preference. No one dictates how long or how far you should run. To make running more interesting, you can join a running group or grab a pair of ear pods and enjoy your favourite music on the run.


Cycling is just as easy to get into as running. With the addition of a bike, you can cycle alone or with friends, and enjoy your podcasts or music while at it. If you have kids, riding with them can be a great activity to show them around and bond with them.


Sportfishing and hunting can be a great way to improve skills like timing, focus and precision. When taking part in these activities, however, you need to be aware of the regulations that guide them. You may, for instance, need to get a license or wait for the open season.


Football is the most popular sport the world over. With a football and simple goals, you can enjoy a kick-about in your backyard or join your local team for a better challenge. Pro football is big business; engaging kids might produce the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo!